Our tablet product is derived from traditional Scottish tablet confectionery.

The tablet product has been described as the "rich man's fudge". It's slightly crumbly texture melts in your mouth allowing the flavours to escape and tantalise your taste buds.

Our unique recipes are designed by our highly qualified and experienced confectioner. With over 15 years hands on experience in the confectionary industry, he has the ability to manufacture product to meet your specific requirements.

Butter Tablet
The simple favourite. The delicate flavour and colour are generated by the traditional cooking process.
Irish Cream Tablet
Created by the addition of the finest Irish Cream at the crucial moment.
Chocolate Heaven
Rich, dark and luxurious. One piece is reputed to send you to chocolate heaven.
Butter Mint Tablet
The addition of a splash of pure mint oil perfectly compliments the buttery back notes.
Billinge Mint Cake
Crisp, fresh and minty. A delicious mint cake designed in Billinge.

Chocolate Mint
All the luxury of chocolate heaven with a delicate hint of mint to tempt the tongue.
Chocolate Orange
Sumptious chocolate tones delicately balanced by the finest Brazilian orange oil.
Coffee Tablet
A well rounded coffee hit is imparted by the inclusion of roast coffee oil.
Rum Tablet
Delicious mouthwatering rum ideally suited to the buttery base.
Cough Candy
Guaranteed to blow your cap off. Perfect for those cold, crisp winter days.