Connie's Kitchen is a young company, specialising in handmade, traditional confectionery ~ "Naturally Indulgent".

Our Promise ~ Connie's Kitchen products are hand-made with only natural ingredients.

Our Products include :
Butter Tablet
Chocolate Heaven
Irish Cream Tablet
Mint Cake
Chocolate Orange


Where did the name Connie's Kitchen come from?

Meet Connie
Constance Winifred Dickinson was born in Orrell, Wigan in 1908.

When she married Gerrard Lavin in 1936, they moved into their family home in Winstanley Road. It was here that their two sons were born and grew up.

Meet Helen Baxendale
Catherine Helen Lavin was born in 1971, granddaughter of Connie Lavin. Every Saturday, Helen would spend hours in the kitchen at Winstanley Road, baking with her Gran.

When establishing her own confectionery company, 20 years after her grandmother's death, the name "Connie's Kitchen" provided a fitting tribute to her first creative mentor.